When we think of Handwritten, we think personal, private, special, touching, moving; and these are the things that inspired these wines.

– Founders

The Handwritten Founders

Handwritten Wines was founded by owners Dan and Becky Blue, Roy and Cheri Eisiminger and Vance and Jana Thompson, with the artistic vision of Winemaker Rob Lloyd. In 2015, our owners’ long-time friends Jim and Kelly Mazzo joined our family of vintner partners.

Our winemaking philosophy shows a commitment to the unique terroir of California and to the potential that lies in growing Old World varieties in a decidedly New World setting. Our Winemaker has created techniques that allow the fruit to be handled more gently than ever before, slowly coaxing out the truest flavors nature has to offer.

The Team

Our team is made up of the true scribes of the Handwritten narrative; each bring a rich and unmistakable character to our terroir. We believe our production team at Handwritten Wines is the best in the Napa Valley. Led by Winemaker Rob Lloyd, these are the artisans who craft our story and give it life.

Our knowledgeable and welcoming staff is here to create exceptional experiences at every level, from guiding you through accessing our allocated wines, to intimate tastings, to acting as your personal concierge when visiting the Napa Valley.

It’s not just great fruit that makes great wine, it’s also the care and attention of every hand that touches it. We’re fortunate to have both great fruit and great hands to nurture it.

Philip O’Conor
Director of Handwritten Wines

Bill Miller
Wine Ambassador

Emily Wilkens
Member Liaison

Matt Beverly

Matt Beverly

Senior Wine Curator

Tracy McArdle
General Manager

Joel Quigley
Senior VP Marketing Communications

Elise Kuhar-Pitters
Manager, Personal Wine Experiences

Winemaker Rob Lloyd

Rob’s foray into wine started directly after graduating college (for the first time), when he came to Napa to work in a tasting room for the summer before getting a “real job”. He became fascinated with wine and the science of winemaking, and began to learn everything he could about the process. While interviewing for a “real job”, the interviewer asked him what he had been doing with his time since graduation. After speaking passionately (and at length) about wine, the interviewer said “You seem to love that so much. Why do you want this job?” Rob realized he didn’t want it, actually. He thanked the man, and thus began a career in the wine industry.

The goal is to craft rich, velvety wines that are accessible in their youth yet have the structure to age for a very long time.

Rob has since earned his MS in Viticulture & Enology from the University of California Davis and worked for many prestigious wineries including Cakebread, Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars, La Crema and Rombauer. Rob began crafting Handwritten Wines in the 2009 season and took the position of Director of Winemaking at Jessup Cellars in 2010. He now heads up our winemaking for the Good Life Wine Collective, which includes Handwritten Wines, Jessup Cellars and Humanitas Wines.

We believe our production team at Handwritten Wines is the best in the Napa Valley. Led by Winemaker Rob Lloyd, these are the artisans who craft our story and give it life: Assistant Winemaker Bernardo Munoz-Alvarez and Cellar Crew Lead Zack Scott.